8 Best Wrist And Ankle Weights

Best Ankle Weights

Ankle weights are all the rage these days. A sudden influx of these fantastic accessories flooding social platforms is proof of their rising demand. And why would that not be? 

Wrist weights are a great way to enhance your strength and stamina from home by increasing the intensity of your workouts. Besides, they work great for runners who want to sculpt and engage their leg muscles. 

So if you had been trying to get your hands on the best ankle weights in the UK for a while but were failing every time, hear us out! 

In this guide, we will help you select the most appropriate weights according to your requirements. Besides, a detailed explanation of these fantastic fitness accessories will make you a pro when you reach the end. 

So, let’s not waste any time further and explore this fantastic invention together!

What Are Ankle Weights?

Wrist and ankle weights are available in pouches or bands with water, sand or iron plates inside them. They are usually strapped around your wrists or ankles to add a maximum weight of 20 pounds to your body. 

These weights increase overall workout resistance, which helps burn more fats and calories while you run, perform cardio or even lay down to do yoga. Moreover, they are pretty sleek enough to be worn when you aren’t exercising at all. 

Ankle weights are available in different colours, sizes and shapes. Besides, you can easily find the suitable ones that meet your maximum weight requirements. 

The Best Wrist and Ankle Weights You Can Buy Today

Finally, it’s about time we introduce you to our recommendations. All the ankle weights mentioned below have impressive specifications and features. However, choose those that meet all your requirements and planned budget. 

Adidas Ankle/Wrist Weights

Adidas Ankle Wrist Weights

Adidas is a famous brand that doesn’t compromise on its quality of products. With its high-standard manufacturing processes and compatible pricing, this brand has earned a fantastic reputation among athletes, trainers and even beginners. 

The Adidas wrist weights live up to the brand’s name in every way. They are made with highly durable neoprene fabric and exhibit a great design. Besides, the bound edging offers a hard finish to prevent early wear and tear of the exterior. 

These ankle weights come with iron filling with a maximum weight of two pounds per band. That’s a perfect weight for beginners. However, if you are a professional, you may want to go for our first two recommendations. 

The Adidas wrist weights also provide a tailored fit for different users. In addition, the velcro fastening is strong and keeps the weights in place on even high-intensity workouts. 

Overall, this product is impressive and comes with a two-year warranty. However, while other similar products are available in different colours, you may only find the Adidas wrist weights in black. This factor may be a letdown for many users who like matching their accessories with the rest of the fitness arsenal. 


  • Made with high-quality neoprene
  • Bound edging to prevent wear and tear
  • Tailored fit
  • Two-year warranty
  • Good for beginners


  • Not for professionals
  • Available in the only black

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Fitnessery Ankle Weights

Fitnessery Ankle Weights

If you love working out and want to progress in your performance, the Fitnessery ankle weights are worth your consideration. Made with anti-chafing neoprene, these weights fit comfortably on your legs or even arms and do not even slip. Besides, they feature eight parts that distribute the weight evenly throughout your wrist or ankles. 

The Fitnessery product offers a perfect snug fit. They are extra-long, come with a secure strap and velcro and adjust conveniently without causing you any discomfort. 

Moreover, these offer solid durability. The advanced double stitching keeps the lining intact. Besides, the silver trim or border makes these weights perfect for an evening workout outdoors. 

The Fitnessery ankle models are available in a range of weights. For instance, you can purchase a set of weights with a total weight of two pounds, four pounds, three pounds, eight pounds or ten pounds. If you are a beginner and have a below-low fitness level, it is always wise to start with the minimum weight and gradually build stamina to move towards the heavier ones.

In addition, these ankle weights come with a mesh storage pouch, a free e-book on exercises, an e-guide and a lifetime money-back warranty. 

As per this review, the products look pretty promising. However, to draw a fair picture, it is essential to add a few client complaints regarding this product as well. 

According to some customers, these ankle weights have low-quality edging that wears off very quickly. Besides, the weights slip quite often with too much sweat on the legs or arms. 

These issues are quite a letdown considering the great design and comfortable fit of these weights. 


  • Snug fit and adjustable weights
  • Available in different weights
  • Comes with a storage bag and other free e-books
  • Reflective border for a perfect late-night outdoor workout
  • Affordable


  • Edging may wear off 
  • May slip on sweaty legs or arms

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Fragraim Strength Training Weight Set

Fragraim Ankle Weights

Do you want to excel in your strength training and build a desired level of stamina? If yes, get your hands on the Fragraim ankle weights right away. 

There are many strong reasons behind us recommending you these best ankle weights. 

First of all, the Fragraim ankle bands are available in a range of weights. Moreover, the colour of each pair varies according to its total weight. 

For instance, the green ankle weight weighs one pound, purple weighs one and a half pounds, and the orange ones represent three pounds. Moreover, the grey bands weigh five pounds while the dark blue ones are available for two and light blue weigh four pounds. 

Secondly, when it comes to durability, the Fragrain models are a perfect choice. Made with stretchy and soft cotton, the bands exhibit long-lasting durability and feel comfortable to wear. 

These weights also have adjustable closures that offer a customised fit on your arm or leg. Besides, the long velcro strap makes these weights super quick to put off and one.

The Fragraim ankle weights can help add resistance to your workout and improve your body’s strength by a significant level. Besides, they improve balance and can also be used by older adults to rehabilitate their muscles. 

However, if you plan to use the Fragrain ones, make sure to keep the below points into consideration. According to the manufacturer, excessive use of these weights can cause discomfort. Moreover, they may slip on sweaty legs or arms if not worn over socks. 


  • Well-designed weights for all genders
  • Available in different colours and weight options
  • Durable weights made from stretchy cotton
  • Secure velcro strap
  • Easy to wear


  • May slip on sweat legs or arms
  • Can cause discomfort if worn for long

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Reebok Ankle Weights

Reebok Ankle Weights

Reebok is another well-known brand in the sports industry. This company makes user-friendly products that suit a majority of users comfortably. 

The Reebok ankle weights are no exception. These bands work perfectly to revamp your desired workouts and make your body vital enough for challenging activities. In addition, they are designed to tone your muscles effectively and quickly. 

These ankle weights by Reebok are made of breathable neoprene and come with weighted filling. The weight is evenly distributed throughout the band, which provides you with optimal ease while using them. 

The velcro fastenings are solid and secure. The strap wraps conveniently and stays put in one position on even high-intensity workouts. 

With the Reebok, you have the option to choose between three weights. You can select from one pounds, two pounds and three pounds ankle weight options. Make sure your desired weight represents your goal and fitness skills. 

Overall. This pair of wrist ankles are pretty amazing. However, their maximum weight capacity might not be enough for professionals. Besides, they are available in just one colour and design and maybe a letdown for many people. 


  • Breathable weights
  • Velcro straps with sold fastenings
  • Available in three weights
  • Perfect for beginners


  • May not fit professionals
  • Available in one colour  

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Cap Barbell Adjustable Weights

Cap Barbell HHA CB020A1

Do you enjoy working out in your small UK home? However, have you failed to progress with your limited fitness tools and space?

We understand your issue and are here to help. The Cap Barbell adjustable ankle weights are a perfect solution to your problem. While this pair of adjustable ankle weights are a little expensive, you can use the product whenever you like and according to your skills. 

The Cap Barbell features external pockets. You can add and remove weights according to your comfort. 

The maximum weight that a pair can reach is 20 pounds. That’s quite an impressive limitation for all professionals and far more than what other products on the list offer. 

The Cap Barbell ankle weights are only available in black and may have a basic design, but they have a solid closure system. In addition, the adjustable hook-and-loop feature enables a secure fit and prevents the weight from slipping unnecessarily. 

You can use the Cap Barbell ankle weight pair for strength training or even walking. Besides, you can share the pair with your other family members who want to work out with a varying weight capacity. 


  • Adjustable ankle weights
  • Can reach a maximum weight of 20 pounds
  • Great for both professionals and beginners
  • Secure design


  • Expensive than many
  • Basic black design

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Sportneer Adjustable Weights Set

Sportneer Adjustable Ankle Weights Set

Staying in your UK home all day can harm your fitness plans. Without a proper gym space, you may find it hard to work out. 

However, you can save yourself from this problem with the best Sportneer ankle weights on your legs or arms. Regardless of an improper exercise routine, these can help you gain strength even if you perform daily chores. Also, you can use them while walking and gain stamina without working out on heavy machines. 

The Spotneer ankle weights are made from neoprene and feature excellent stitching. Besides, the outer rim provides extra durability and enhances the quality of these weights. Also, the excellent cushion padding provides your legs and arms with a comfortable surface. 

These weights are available in pairs and come with the facility of adding weights. The five bags of weight can help adjust the weight of your band from half to two pounds. While the maximum weight limit is too low for professionals, the Sportneer ankle weights work perfectly for beginners with low fitness levels. 

The Sportneer brand products are available in different colours and have a one size fit all design. The velcro strap provides excellent comfort and wraps comfortably around many arm and leg sizes. 

However, please check specifications before buying this product because you may not fit under the one-size-fits-all policy and want something bigger or smaller. 


  • Made from durable neoprene
  • Excellent stitching
  • Provide adjustable weights
  • Velcro straps for security
  • Great for beginners


  • One size may not fit everyone
  • Not for professionals

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Elite Body Squad Leg Weights

Elite Body Squad Ankle Weights

The Elite Body Squat ankle weights are our seventh best recommendation for you. While they offer only a maximum weight of four pounds, you will be amazed to witness their quality and performance. 

These feature an ergonomic design featuring cushion padding. The soft padding saves your joints from any injury and adjusts well with your ankles. 

Made from soft neoprene fabric, the weights do not rub against your skin. Besides, they provide a solid grip closure that prevents the weights from slipping unnecessarily. However, according to some customers, the weights have poorly stitched seams, which may cause accidents in high-intensity workouts. 

The Elite Body Squad are perfect for all genders and are only available in black. Besides, they come with a complimentary four-week weight loss plan as an added guide for your fitness journey. 

Overall, these ankle weights are great for the price available. However, according to some customers, the total weight of these pads should be upgraded to eight pounds at least. Plus, the velcro strap should be stretchable enough to accommodate very slim arms and legs. 


  • Ergonomic design
  • Cushion padding
  • Neoprene exterior
  • Comes with a weight loss plan


  • Four pounds a may not be sufficient for professionals
  • Low-quality seams

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P.volve Ankle Weights

P volve ankle weights

Taking the last and eighth spot on our best ankle weights in the UK, the P.volve bands with a maximum weight of three and six pounds as a pair are quite a deal to consider. They are not only affordable but have an exciting and secure design to offer. 

The P.volve weights are available in grey and are made of durable neoprene. Besides, these weights have a sand filling that allows a comfortable wrap without giving you an impression of a bulky feeling. Moreover, the adjustable strap offers a secure grip and suits both slim and wide arms comfortably.

These ankle weights by P.volve are ideal to accompany you on your cardio workouts and other training programs. They can be worn on your ankles or wrists to increase the overall resistance and improve your stamina gradually. 

However, according to some customer reviews, these ankle weights have failed to meet your requirements. In addition, some think that the brand’s return policy isn’t user-friendly, and you may be required to pay for the shipping charges to send the weights back. 

Also, the brand confirms the authenticity of the one-size-fits-all design of the ankle weights. However, many customers have come forward against this statement as they have experienced the standard size being too big for their ankles. 


  • Available for two weightstest
  • Made from durable material
  • Adjustable strap
  • Affordable
  • Non-bulky Sand filling


  • Poor return policy of the brand
  • May not fit all

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How to Pick the Best Ankle and Wrist Weights?

Have the above recommendations left you overwhelmed? We understand your situation and agree that it isn’t easy to pick one from this great lot. So, what should you do?

To make your life easy, we want you to consider some factors below before investing. This technique will help you to make a quick and suitable decision in a limited time. 


Before you invest in your favourite wrist and ankle weights, make sure to make weight the number one priority. Of course, you shouldn’t experiment with this factor and ensure that the combined weight matches your skill levels. 

Always find a weight that can help you perform your planned number of reps comfortably. If you are a beginner, the weight should be low as you might have limited stamina. But if you are an advanced user, you might want to carry a total weight of five pounds and above to challenge your limits. 

Sometimes we are unsure about our workout goals. If that’s true with you, too, buy an adjustable set of ankle weights and add or remove sand/water according to your fitness level. 


Do you know that a variety of ankle weights have adjustable sizes? However, despite this design benefit, it is crucial to choose the correct range. In addition, ensure that the weights can comfortably fit your legs and arms and don’t often slip while you workout. 


You will come across ankle weights made with varying materials, but most of them are usually created using neoprene. It is because this material is breathable and user-friendly. 

There are some softer weights as well with terry cloth, cotton or silicone coverings. Such weights provide great comfort and are also easy to wipe and clean. 

You have the liberty to fill the interior of weights with iron powder, water or sand. However, the sand filling is the most recommended one for its flexibility. 

Type of Closure

It is vital to ensure the security of your weights’ closures before engaging in any type of workout. A majority of ankle weights have velcro that provides adjustable fit, tightness and grip. Moreover, the most user-friendly fasteners are O-rings, hook-and-loop closures and D-rings. 

Most users also go for buckle closure as they are more durable than velcro ones. However, they aren’t made for long workouts and may start causing discomfort if worn for more than an hour. 


Price and quality aren’t always correlated. However, if you are an intelligent buyer, it is always wise to buy a product that can test time and serve you well. Even if you are going for budget-friendly weights, make sure they provide you with fantastic performance and durability. 

Expert Recommendations and Client Reviews

Do you read client reviews before making a purchase? If not, you might want to make this habit now and help yourself make an intelligent decision. Client reviews and honest expert recommendations draw a fair picture of a product and give you an idea of what to expect. 

Benefits of Using the Best Wrist and Ankle Weights

To understand wrist and ankle weights in a much better way, it is essential to explore their benefits. Here is a list of advantages that can you can attain while wearing these effective fitness accessories:

Strengthen Your Legs and Arms

Have you been trying to increase the strength of your legs and arms for a long time? We understand your struggle, as this goal isn’t relatively easy to achieve. However, with ankle weights wrapped around your legs or arms, you may find yourself stepping towards success. 

Wearing ankle weights during workouts not only increases the strength of your lower body but also gives your legs and arms the much-needed and dream-like muscular look. 

Ankle weights add extra pressure on your muscles and move your legs or arms; you have no choice left but to use them even more. This action makes your leg or arm muscles grow faster and stronger than you can imagine. 

Wearing ankle weights while cycling, running, or even walking can benefit your glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps by a great deal. While ten extra pounds on your body may not sound too much, the additional weight can strain your muscles and help initiate the toning process when worn. 

Helps With Resistance Training

If you want to get muscles as big as Vin Diesel, resistance training is an effective way to achieve your goals. However, if you are running out of time or are inconsistent, even the most strenuous resistance exercises can’t do much for your body. 

So, what should you do? Dawning the best ankle and wrist weights on your body can help you achieve faster success in a short time. The increased resistance they provide can integrate with any exercise or movement (not just resistance training) and helps you gain your toned muscles. 

In easy words, ankle and wrist weights work like dumbbells. For instance, a 40-pound dumbbell works as efficiently as performing leg lifts with 10kg ankle weights. These weights allow you to push harder and make your muscles work efficiently. 

Versatile Fitness Accessories

One of the best things about ankle and wrist weights is that they are pretty versatile. You can wear and use them at any part of your day. 

Besides, you can also use them when you are not even exercising. For instance, ankle weights can be worn while you are performing house chores or walking your dog. You don’t have to be in a gym or a workout set to reap the benefits of these weights. 

Ankle and wrist weights are also pretty comfortable and small. You can conveniently wear them under your clothes without anyone knowing about these weights. 

Also, versatile ankle and wrist weights are available in varying weight classes. You can always start with lighter weights and get used to them before shifting to heavier ones. It allows you to enjoy fitness progression and meet new targets.  

Accelerates Weight Loss and Calorie Burning Process

Ankle and wrist weights can help speed up your weight loss and calorie burning process by a great deal. The extra weight burns more calories by making your body work harder while you perform various cardio movements. You may not know, but even a small additional weight can significantly increase the number of fats and calories burnt altogether. 

Also, ankle weights can help tone your belly and make you look perfect for the swimsuit season. The added resistance to your upper body accelerates your metabolism and helps you get rid of your pot belly in a short time. 

Increases Endurance

Using weights consistently increases your overall stamina and endurance. This benefit especially applies when you aren’t working out. Your muscles gradually get accustomed to the added weight, and you feel your body getting more flexible with time. 

Improves Cardiovascular Workouts

Ankle weights help to reap tremendous benefits from a strenuous cardiovascular workout and generate quick results. They make your muscles work harder with increased weights which increases their demand for more blood and oxygen. 

This pushes your heart to pump blood faster and improve the oxygen flow to different parts of the body. Moreover, the high oxygen demand allows your lungs to expand more and transfer oxygen to various muscles. 

Simply put, by wearing an additional ten pounds on your body, you improve your heart health, benefit your lungs and keep all the related diseases at bay. When your heart and lung muscles work smoothly and consistently, they help maintain your physical performance and make sure all the other organs are healthy as well. 

Re-establishes Balance

Have you ever seen older adults wearing ankle and wrist weights in a clinic setting? These fitness bands can help improve walking gait and also provide balance rehabilitation. 

According to a study, a total ankle weight of 1.5% of the whole body mass can reduce the risk of joint repositioning of knees in adults. Besides, adding 3% to 5% of the body’s weight to ankles can improve balance in people who survived after strokes. 

While this study is pretty reliable, you should always ask your healthcare consultant before buying ankle weights for your medical issues. 

Affordable Additions to Your Arsenal

Who doesn’t appreciate a fitness addition that is both inexpensive and effective? While we have already gone through the best ankle and wrist weights performance aspect, it is imperative to mention how these essential tools are available at an affordable price tag. 

Besides, unlike dumbbells, ankle weights are cheap. So you don’t have to spend much when planning to progress in your workouts or increasing resistance gradually. 

When Can You Use Ankle and Wrist Weights?

Here are some ways in which you can utilise your ankle weights during the day:


Wear your wrist weights while walking. Swing your arms and maximise the overall workout benefit. But avoid using ankle weights while running as it can harm your stride. 


Ankle weights can do wonders while cycling. They can help build and strengthen your lower-body muscles. 


You can wear both wrist and ankle weights while swimming. However, make sure to use them only if you want to target a particular muscle. 


If you want to enjoy hard punches and kicks, put on the weights and fight against the high resistance. 

Other Exercises

From arm swings to leg abduction, you can experiment with ankle weights in many ways. You can also integrate these tools in your stretching exercises and also utilise them to strengthen your core. 

How to Use Weights Safely?

Here’s hoping the above sections have helped you understand these weights in a better way. Now let’s take a step forward and see how you can use these resistance accessories safely. 

Follow the steps below:

  • Start with inspecting the weights properly. Make sure all the seams are perfectly intact, and all the flaps are fully secured. 
  • In case of adjustable weights, add or remove sand, water or plates to achieve your desired weight. 
  • Wrap a weight on your leg or arm as required. Make sure the weight fits well and is snug enough not to move unnecessarily. But don’t fit the weight too tightly to cause discomfort or block blood circulation. 
  • Once placed comfortably, tighten all the fasteners on your ankle weights. You will find a variety of designs with hook closures and also ones with D-rings. 
  • With the above step completed, you are ready to perform your favourite workout moves for as long as you like. 

While it is super easy to put ankle and wrist weights around your legs and arms, you should follow a few tips to avoid any mishaps. 

  • To avoid irritating your skin, make sure to put on tall socks under the ankle weights. Or you can also place the weights over your pants for complete protection. 
  • Make sure to buy weights that are either filled with sand or water. Also, choose a breathable material. 
  • Add weights only if you feel fit to progress. Ankle weights can help increase the overall resistance but if you can’t even feel well after a regular walk, wait for a while before carrying them comfortably. 
  • Avoid wearing weights for the whole day. This habit doesn’t work well for your muscles as they may exhaust sooner than you think. Also, take them off before you doze off. 
  • If you are an overweight person, don’t add additional weight with your already extra body mass. It is imperative to avoid your body from collapsing. Strengthen your joints, knees and muscles before putting weights on your legs and arms. 
  • Ankle weights can put a strain on your back. If you already suffer from a lower back problem, consult your doctor before investing in this fitness tool. 


Here are a few questions that users usually ask us before investing in their favourite ankle and wrist weights. 

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