8 Best Ab Roller Wheels to Build Your Core Muscles

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While it may seem an innocent and harmless gym accessory on the surface, an ab roller wheel is just the opposite. Don’t let its simple make – two handles on a wheel – fool you. An ab roller is a highly advanced exercise tool that can give you an unbelievably intense workout – probably the hardest you have ever gone through. If you use it correctly, an ab roller can put you up against some next-level challenges to build and strengthen your core and to get those ‘six packs’ you have always desired.

Today, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about ab rollers. From their benefits and key features to the best ab rollers available in the UK, we’ll try to cover it all. In the end, we’ll also try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

Ab Roller Benefits

Working out on ab rollers can let you have a beach-perfect body. There’s no other workout tool that can tone your abdomen muscles as effectively as an ab roller can. In addition to that, here are some more ab roller benefits.

  • Ab rollers use a large number of muscles at once, with some studies establishing that they involve as many as 20 key muscles of your body. These include hip flexors, obliques, and almost all of your core muscles.
  • Ab wheel exercises are tougher than traditional crunches, so they can tone your abs and let you have your ‘six packs’ more quickly.
  • Strengthening your core muscles puts an end to all kinds of back pains.
  • Last but not least, ab rollers bring variety to your daily workout routine by opening doors to numerous challenging exercises.

8 Best Ab Rollers in the UK

When it comes to buying an ab roller in the UK, you have countless options to choose from. No two products can ever be the same, and each has its pros and cons. We have carefully reviewed scores of ab rollers from different manufacturers to find out the best options for our readers. Here are our top picks.

Vinsguir Ab Roller Wheel

Vinsguir Ab Roller Wheel

Vinsguir Ab Roller Wheel is an ultra-wide roller that you can use to tone your abdominal muscles and strengthen your arms, legs, and shoulders. With a class-leading wheel width of three inches (8cm), the Vinsguir Ab Roller guarantees utmost stability and balance. No matter how carelessly you use it during your rollouts, it doesn’t leave the path you want it to follow. This is what makes it one of the best and safest ab rollers you can buy in the UK.

High-strength stainless steel shafts used in the ab roller allow it to bear a maximum load of 440 pounds (200kg) without giving in. The handles can be detached from the wheel for storage purposes and can be assembled back for usage within just seconds. Vinsguir Ab Roller has a stylish dual-tone look, which means you can proudly use it anywhere. The brand also offers a high-density foam knee pad along with the roller to make it a complete package.

Vinsguir has used extremely comfortable EVA rubber cotton on the handles for a comfortable grip. It means you won’t feel any pain in your hands despite a continuous ab roller workout. Last but not least, TPR soft rubber wheel used in the roller ensures a quiet operation so that you don’t disturb others and enjoy a peaceful workout yourself.

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Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro is probably the most innovative ab roller on this list. It comes with a built-in kinetic engine to offer resistance in your rollouts to maximize the growth of your abdominal muscles. The engine has a durable carbon steel spring which makes it harder for you to roll out the wheel. But when rolling back, the kinetic engine assists so that you can do more reps. The overall impact of the engine assembly is to amplify your ab workouts and tone your stomach muscles.  

Moreover, the ultra-wide wheel tread of Ab Carver keeps it stable when carving left, right, or center, making you perform targeted work on obliques. The rubber wheel, combined with the 4.6lb weight of the roller, securely grips the floor to provide a safe experience. In addition to that, the handgrips also have an ergonomic design. They are angled in such a manner as to fully activate your core and arm muscles. The handles can easily be removed and reassembled for transport and storage purposes.

Perfect Fitness offers high-density and durable foam knee pads to help you do rollouts with utmost comfort and convenience. The brand also provides a one-year manufacturer warranty on the product to give you peace of mind. And if that’s still not enough, you also get a 21-day Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro workout plan to realize your dream of having a perfect beach body.

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Adidas Ab Wheel

adidas Ab Wheel

Adidas is a brand that sells ‘reliability,’ and this ab wheel is just another example!

Featuring a minimalistic design, the Adidas Ab Wheel is as durable as a workout tool can get. It’s meant to last hundreds of thousands of rollouts. And it would probably be there to stay even after that. The wheel roller has a 7-inch (18cm) diameter, which makes it suitable for not just full rollouts, but also the ones from the knees that you do to build your initial core strength.

Weighing in at just over a pound, the Adidas Ab Wheel is one of the lightest exercise wheels you can buy in the UK. You can easily carry it with you to your gym, your office, or wherever you want. Due to the padded foam handles used in the ab roller, you get a comfortable grip even if you grasp it tightly. The material is textured and has non-sweat properties.

Moreover, the wheels have a rubber surface to ensure maximum stability and traction with the floor. It makes sure you experience safer reps and correct body positioning during the rollouts. Adidas Ab Wheel engages your entire core for broader, tougher, and more effective training, eventually helping you have a strong lower back, a stable core, and the perfect beach body you’ve always wanted.

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Fitness Invention Ab Roller

Fitness Invention Ab Roller

Fitness Invention Ab Roller is a 3-in-1 package to build your abdominal muscles, tone your shape, and strengthen your shoulders and arms. The package comprises an ultra-wide stainless-steel ab roller wheel, a high-quality foam knee mat, and a flexible jump rope – to give you a real gym experience in your home or office.

The ab roller is meant to last long. No matter how frequently you use it over the years, it will be there to stay. Its rubber wheel tightly secures the surface to prevent any kind of wobbling that you usually face while using other ab rollers. During the rollouts, the wheel doesn’t sway from its controlled path, owing to the traction with the surface.

Fitness Invention Ab Roller is highly portable due to its easily removable handles. You can store or transport it efficiently. The handles have an ergonomic design to ensure optimum comfort and a secure grip so that you can use the roller for extended periods.

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Bluerise Ab Roller Wheel

Bluerise Ab Roller Wheel

Bluerise Ab Roller Wheel is one of the most durable ab rollers you can buy in the UK. It boasts large 8.7inch tires in stainless steel rims – and that’s what sets it apart from the competition. While most ab rollers have plastic construction, Bluerise offers high-end stainless-steel build that will last for years, if not decades. Thanks to the sturdy design, the ab roller won’t deform no matter how excessively you use it.

The ab roller has two non-skid wheels to improve your stability and balance during the rollouts. The wheels roll smoothly without causing any kind of noise. To make sure your hands don’t get fatigued during the ab roller workout, Bluerise provides convenient handles.

If you want to move the ab roller to your office, you can easily remove its handles and carry it around. The entire assembly weighs just around 1.54 pounds, so you won’t have a problem doing so. In fact, its portable and compact nature also allows for its easy storage. Continuous workouts with Bluerise Ab Roller can help you build six-pack abs, strengthen core muscles, and improve your overall endurance.

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Bafada Ab Roller Exercise Set

Bafada Ab Roller Exercise Set

Bafada Ab Roller Exercise Set is an all-in-one package that you might need to tone your abs, get a better figure, and strengthen your core. The set comprises a foldable ab exercise roller, a knee pad, and a jump rope. Thanks to its lightweight (at just over 2.5 lbs) and foldable design, you can conveniently carry the ab roller to anywhere you want. Moreover, the process of assembling and dissembling takes just a few seconds, making it one of the best portable ab rollers in the UK.

Bafada Ab Roller features an innovative triangular construction that not only makes it stylish but also adds to the stability of the tool. It has four solid rubber wheels fitted in the main frame. The purpose of using four small wheels, instead of a single large one, is to prevent the roller from deviating left and right and causing you unnecessary injuries. Besides the innovative design, a premium quality thickened steel tube further adds to its sturdiness, enabling it to endure up to 440lb (200kg) of weight.

Moreover, to help you work out for a long period, the roller has padded handles. The handles improve your grip and control on the wheel while also reducing hand fatigue. And not just you, the ab roller is also friendly to the surface you’re using it on. Its solid rubber wheels prevent any damage to the floor. Also, they don’t make any disturbing sounds while you’re using the roller, giving you a silent and peaceful experience.

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Odoland Ab Roller Wheel Set

Odoland Ab Roller Wheel Set

The Odoland Ab Roller Wheel Set is the most comprehensive a gym workout set can get. It has everything that you might want to build your muscles and stay in good shape. The set includes an ab roller, a knee pad, a jump rope, a pair of push-up bars, a user manual, and three smart storage bags. Basically, everything!

Odoland Ab Roller has the best-in-class stainless steel construction with an extremely sturdy build, enabling it to support up to 800lb of weight. The roller is designed to last millions of rollouts, so you can use it in any way you want. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the most durable ab rollers you can buy in the UK.

Besides longer durability, the Odoland Ab Roller also provides a highly comfortable experience for fitness enthusiasts. That’s made possible by the use of long handles. The handles are covered with soft foam to allow you to continuously work out without straining your hands. Moreover, you can easily attach and detach the handles in just seconds for storing the roller when not in use.

Odoland Ab Roller is extremely stable due to its strong build and high-grip noise-cancelling rubber wheels. No matter how much load you put on this roller, it won’t sway or wobble, causing you inconvenience or even an unforeseen injury. Lastly, the available knee mat also adds to your comfort and protects your knees while you roll forward and backward on the ground, enabling you to work out more in less time.

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Syntus 6-in-1 Ab Wheel Roller Set

Syntus 6 in 1 Ab Wheel Roller Set

Syntus Ab Wheel Roller Set is an all-inclusive workout package that includes an ab wheel, a knee pad, an adjustable skipping jump rope, and a pair of push-up bars. The package practically brings you the experience of a gym, with ab roller being the highlight of the set.

In sharp contrast with usual ab rollers, Syntus offers an ultra-wide wheel tread of three inches to make this ab roller one of the best in the UK. The wheel does not produce any squeaking sounds to annoy you or anyone else near you. Moreover, it doesn’t cause any damage to your floor, no matter if it’s carpet or wood.

Owing to its sturdy build and stainless-steel frame, the ab roller can endure any person as long as they weigh under 440lb. The handles are 5.2 inches in length and have one of the best ergonomic designs ever. Their carefully thought-out orientation helps you activate your arm and core muscles. Moreover, slip-resistant rubber pads make sure your palms are never worn out while using the ab roller. When not in use, you can easily detach the handles for compact storage of the roller.

Last but not least, the knee pad offered in the package further adds to a comfortable ab roller workout experience. It is made of thick NBR material to provide extra comfort and superior body stability, especially for beginners.

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How to Use an Ab Roller?

Sit on your knees with the ab roller placed in front of you. Hold the handles of the roller with both of your hands. With your arms fully extended, tighten your core and start rolling the wheel forward. Stop when your body becomes parallel to the ground. Now roll back to your initial position. While doing so, make sure your back doesn’t arch, and your core is as tight as it can be. Do 10 reps in the beginning and gradually increase this number to 30.

You can perform a number of advanced exercises with the ab roller. For instance, once you master the initial rollouts, you can start from your standing position by bending your hips and reaching down to the roller as if to touch your toes before rolling it out to the maximum distance possible. While doing any exercise on the ab roller, make sure to use a soft pad or mat beneath your knees.

How to Pick the Best Ab Roller?

Now that you know how to use an ab roller, let’s see what you should look for while buying it in the UK.

  • They must have a strong build, preferably a stainless-steel frame, so that they can endure the weight thrown at them.
  • Ab rollers with rubber wheels have a better grip on the floor. They also don’t make squeaking noises while you’re using them. 
  • The rollers with foam-padded handles are convenient to work with; otherwise, your palms will wear out after every session. See if the foam is non-slip and sweat-absorbing. Also, the handles need to be sufficiently long for easy grip.
  • Prefer rollers that either have a wide wheel or multiple wheels. In both cases, the roller would have better traction with the ground, ensuring balance and stability.
  • If the manufacturer offers a knee mat with an ab roller, you can give that product a few extra points.


To Sum Up

Ab rollers are among some of the best workout tools you can buy in the UK. They are super-effective in helping you tone your abs, get a better figure and strengthen your core muscles. And being fun to use, they definitely make a great addition to your home gym equipment.

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