8 Best Adjustable Kettlebells That Provide Secure Workouts

Best Adjustable Kettlebells

In home fitness, adjustable kettlebells are among the best inventions. They are great improvements to the standard kettlebells, being that their weights can be adjusted. You can also use these adjustable kettlebells like dumbbells, with their handle ensuring that users can grip them in different ways. This means you can perform movements like push presses, snatches, and swings. They are your sure bet to building up ultimate and real power.

We know how difficult it could be to choose the best adjustable kettlebells in the UK. This is because there are so many of them in the market, and you may get confused over which to go for. For this reason, we have taken our time to review the best products in the UK market. We have also included a buying guide that explains those features to look out for when buying and answers various questions relating to kettlebells. With all these, we are sure you will make the best decision.

What is an Adjustable Kettlebell?

Kettlebells are simply weights that resemble the old-fashioned hob kettle, excluding the spout. You can lift them, just like dumbbells and barbells. However, in contrast to dumbbells and barbells, you can manipulate them in some other ways. Most importantly, you can throw, swing, or carry them.

Adjustable kettlebells are similar to standard kettlebells. The only difference is that they allow users to adjust the weight to suit their needs, either increase the weight or decrease it.

Why Use an Adjustable Kettlebell?

Whether you follow a regime for a full body, lower body, or upper body workout in the UK, you have to buy some weights when undergoing some resistance training.

Some people end up purchasing three or more different kettlebell weights. Though, when you purchase them individually, they could be cost-effective. However, when you begin purchasing three to five weights, the cost involved can soon accumulate. Asides from this, getting the required space to keep your kettlebells may be another problem.

Adjustable kettlebells handle both issues mentioned earlier. This is because it provides more than five different weight levels at a less high or equivalent price. Also, they will only occupy the space of one kettlebell.

You can use a kettlebell for most exercises you cannot use a dumbbell for. Also, with a kettlebell, there are many dynamic and explosive exercises you can do. This means that you have a wider range of exercises and training options to work with.

Best Adjustable Kettlebells to Buy Now, In Order of Preference

Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Kettlebell

The Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Kettlebell is one of the best Kettlebells in the world. There are many reasons to prove this. Here you can get different weights in six increments. All you need to do is place the exterior on top of them and then utilize the mechanism to choose your desired weight.

It has a mechanical dial, which means that it must be stiff. To use it, you’ll need to apply a little effort. Also, it has an open bottom style. This means that as you work out, the weight plates will rattle a bit.

Compared to the standard cast iron type, the Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable kettlebell is a bit bulkier and longer. At first, you may notice it frequently, but with time, you’ll be used to it. It has a well-shaped handle and a good grip.  


  • Very convenient and versatile
  • Has more impact when compared to 6 individual Kettlebells
  • Easy to use
  • Great quality
  • It can replace about 6 different Kettlebells


  • It looks somehow bulky
  • Slippery handles with plastic sides
  • Bell may be too big to hold for some
  • It is pricey

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ISOGYM Adjustable Kettlebell

The ISOGYM Adjustable Kettlebell is a rounded design. It’s great to be able to engage in different exercises just with this kettlebell. Also, this set ensures that changing between weights comes easy. It has a practical weight distribution, ensuring you have the right feel when you lift a ‘real’ kettlebell.

Compared to conventional kettlebells, the handle seems much wider. This feature is great because you’ll be able to grab things with ease using both hands. It also features a rubber base, which ensures the protection of your floors. It also has an easy-to-understand mechanism.

One major flaw of this kettlebell is in its design. Loading the weights has to be done from the base.


  • Great feeling of a ‘true’ kettlebell
  • Versatile
  • Round, smooth, and safe
  • Great for space efficiency
  • Weights securely lock and remain there


  • Some ergonomic issues
  • Cannot change it quickly like the Bowflex

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Yes4All Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell

The Yes4All Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell is another reliable kettlebell in the UK with lots of great uses. It is great for storage and transport purposes. This is because it weighs just a pound, which allows easy packing in your backpack anytime. It has a solid and lightweight construction and can hold about 100 lbs.

It also features a high-quality handle. It is made with a high-density rubber cover, which provides the best grip possible. It also prevents the kettlebell from slipping off during a workout session. The handle is wide enough, which ensures easy holding with your two hands to perform the same movement.

This kit is economical and is perfect for all fitness addicts. This is because converting it into a Kettlebell comes easy. You don’t have to buy different weights for Kettlebells. You only need to get a kettle grip, and then utilize it with the available dumbbells.

Also, the design is secure and sturdy. Its screw-in clamp ensures a secure hold. Its loading pin works with standard weight plates of 1 and 2- inches. This workout is flexible. It can work like dumbbells to improve stamina, strength, and coordination.


  • High-quality handle
  • The kit is economical and it is perfect for all fitness addicts
  • Ensures flexible workout


  • Its weight column lacks a clamp
  • There are faster spin lock systems

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Klarfit Adjustabell Adjustable Kettlebell

The Klarfit Adjustabell Adjustable Kettlebell comes with lots of great features. This is why it is highly ranked among other Kettlebells in the market.

With this kettlebell, coordination, endurance, and strength are ensured. You will get your desired full-body workout. The best part here is that with its great adjustment mechanism, one kettlebell can replace five Kettlebells.

It serves as the perfect home training device. This is best for those aiming to increase strength, build muscle, and do coordination and endurance training. With this, you can quickly achieve your fitness goals,

Also, it comes with a special shape. This permits different special exercises that couldn’t have been done with normal dumbbell training. This rise in demand for coordination will give your training an added advantage.

It is safe and robust. Its weights and body were made using solid cast iron. If you decide to change the set weight, the dumbbell’s bottom is flattened to ensure a firm footing.


  • Safe and robust design
  • You can change the weight quickly
  • It has a unique shape
  • Perfect device for home training


  • The fins used to lock the weights are made of plastic, which may not be reliable enough

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NewMe Fitness Adjustable Kettlebell Handle

The NewMe Fitness Kettlebell Handle stands out because it uses the available weight plates. The handle of this kettlebell works fine with 1” plates used on barbells and dumbbells.

With this, you can create a powerful and versatile fitness tool by swapping out different weights. Note that this kettlebell comes in two versions – Olympic and standard versions. So, ensure that whatever weights you decide to choose is right for you.

It features an ergonomic handle with a unique shape to ensure the holder feels good. To ensure a secure hold, its screw-in clamp attaches to the heaviest plates tightly.


  • Uses the available weight plates
  • Fits in your hand comfortably
  • Great for powerlifting accessory training
  • It is secure and sturdy


  • You have to get your weights
  • It doesn’t come with clamps and collars
  • Some users complained about missing parts
  • They could have done better with the fixing mechanism

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Yes4All Adjustable Kettlebell Grip

The Yes4All Adjustable kettlebell Grip is a new design that can transform dumbbells into kettlebells within a second. With this, you’ll be able to fit your dumbbell to the ground without having to touch it. Its grip also ensures easy attaching and detaching.

Another feature of this kettlebell is its smooth handle that provides you with a comfortable grip. This handle is designed for your gripping and touch feeling if your hands get wet while having your workouts.

It is of great quality and will work great for a hardcore workout. This quality comes from the use of ABS material. It has a maximum weight of 100lbs. Also, it is almost suitable with Adjustable dumbbells, Hex Dumbbell, and some Dumbbell Neoprene sizes.

Another reason why fitness enthusiasts love this kettlebell is its portable and lightweight design. It weighs just 1lb. This makes it easy to pack into gym bags so you can work out anytime and anywhere.


  • Portable and lightweight design
  • High-quality
  • Easy to use
  • Smooth handle


  • Uncomfortable grip
  • Overall poor construction
  • Doesn’t work for neoprene dumbbells
  • The spin lock systems could be faster

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Yinguo Detachable and Adjustable Kettlebell

The Yinguo Detachable and Adjustable kettlebell is an effective home fitness equipment in the UK. It weighs 12lb, which is enough to accommodate ladies’ daily fitness needs. It also comes with a stylish design and is great for use in the office, gym, and home.

These weights are great tools for deadlifts, swings, weightlifting, overhead throws, squats, and rotational training. Another great feature here is that it is detachable. This means it can be removed with ease just by turning the bell piece round. This makes it easy to transport, meaning you can work out at any time. Also, it doesn’t take much space since it can be disassembled.

This package also comes with different kettlebell weights. These include 5lb, 8lb, 9lb, and 12lb kettlebells. These weights help in strengthening core training.


  • It is detachable
  • Different kettlebell weights available
  • Portable and stylish design


  • No visible cons

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Features to Consider when Choosing the Best Adjustable Kettlebells in the UK

Upper and lower weights

Picking a weight for anyone could be difficult because everyone’s level could be different. Generally, a reliable adjustable kettlebell should begin at 3kg. However, it should have weights up to 20kg to cater to more experienced users.

Number of weights

There’s no need to choose a kettlebell with multi-weights if you only find a few weights in the package. The number of combinations available should be at least six or more. There should be small steps up as well in between the levels.

Design and Aesthetics

The looks of kettlebells don’t reveal whether it is good or not. However, this could appeal to some people. A kettlebells’ overall design varies for different products. Some are awkward and clunky beasts, while some manufacturers took time to do something great.


It is not a good feeling to practice using something when you know it has a ‘knack.’ The good adjustable kettlebells are painless, quick, and you can swap them easily between weights.


Before choosing an adjustable kettlebell, you must consider your budget. Though the more expensive it is, the more quality it is meant to have. However, this is not always the case. There are cheaper options that will serve you well too.

Comfort and Safety

Indeed, the original kettlebells are not the safest things. Some are waiting to clink your ankle. However, many others have great designs and have smooth edges, supportive and wide angles, and very secure weights.

Reputable Brand Name

It is advisable to choose from brands that have a reputable brand name. They have been there, and users have been able to test their products. However, we don’t mean that new companies cannot manufacture high-quality products. Consider the quality and your safety above anything.

Ease of Use

Generally, when using adjustable kettlebells, this means three things:

  1. The handle must be wide enough to enable you to get both hands on it easily.
  2. The kettlebells’ shape must be very similar to the regular type to ensure you get the same swing style.
  3. The mechanism used in weight changing must be easy to use.



Kettlebells serve a great purpose for those who wish to have regular workouts. Here, we have reviewed the 7 best adjustable kettlebells. Considering all of them, the Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Kettlebell is simply the best in the UK market. Also, compared to the others, it is the most expensive.

However, having gone through the features of each, you may decide to choose whichever suits your needs. Also, go through the buying guide and know those features you should consider before choosing one. By doing so, we are sure you will make the best decision.

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